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Laurie Ke RN, BSN, FAAM

Board Certified

Laurie is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts School of Nursing and holds a Bachelors degree in Science. She was the recipient of the Clinical Excellence Award and is a member of the Nursing High Honor Society. Laurie adheres to strict CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines and is a trainer for OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) to educate other medical & non-medical professionals.

Prior to her nursing career, Laurie had extensive training in Fine Arts, with a particular interest in oils and pen and ink for their fine detail. Micropigmentation is merely an extension of her first true love. Laurie became board certified by The American Academy of Micropigmentation and The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals in the early 2000’s. Laurie has extensive knowledge in Corrective and Camouflage procedures, and also works with a large Transgender population, patients who lose hair from cancer treatment, Hypothyroidism and those afflicted with Trichotillomania and Alopecia. She has been recommended by the country’s leading plastic surgery and dermatologists. She also is a frequent guest speaker at plastic surgery and dermatology conferences around the world. Laurie started Advanced Image Artistry, Inc. approximately two decades ago and her client base continues to expand throughout the U.S. She is also the 1st Place Winner in multiple eyebrow and eyeliner competitions. For those just learning about Microblading, it is only a form of Micropigmentation/Permanent Cosmetics and is a technique Laurie has been using for nearly two decades before it’s recent name change.

Laurie also has extensive knowledge in medical weight loss and disease prevention through nutrition. For the last 20 years she has had tremendous success with patients losing weight (20-60lbs on average), as well as helping them to decrease and/or discontinue medications for diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, etc. She is certified through Cornell University in Plant Based Nutrition and specializes in assessing lipid and glycemic profiles to formulate personalized diets based on specific goals set by the patient and/or their pertinent medical conditions and needs.